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Popular soft drinks & drink all-you-can-eat plan! Unlimited time use coupons men 3000 yen female 2500 yen tax excluded!

Popular soft drinks & drink all-you-can-eat plan! Unlimited time use coupons men 3000 yen female 2500 yen tax excluded!

By using a coupon2500 Yen

Female 2500 yen Men 3000 yen (tax not included) 【Note】 The red character price is female price

  • 90items
  • 2-51persons
All-you-can-drink available

Soft drinks are unlimited time of all-you-can-drink! It becomes a glass replacement system.For those who can not drink alcohol is a must-see plan!

Reservation deadline
Until 16 o'clock on the day of visit to the store
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Course start time is from 17 o'clock.So soft drinks are also included so those who do not drink are the optimum plan.Those who wish for hall cake must make a reservation by the day before.Telephone reservation is easier to take a seat.

Course menu

«Plans for those who do not drink! Essential Continental cuisine! Eat all you can eat plans without time limit».

For those who want to enjoy talking without worrying about wallets or time, just as much as you like ♪ Please enjoy as much as you like for those who visited us for more than 2 people with unlimited time all-you-can-eat plan Please!

[All you can eat]

We use fresh materials.We are preparing healthy and tasty menu! Because cloth is handmade, it is reputation that dirty touch feeling is very delicious.【Free cuisine with over 90 different dishes and soft drinks】

All-you-can-eat plan (time unlimited)

※ We will receive from 2 people.The plan will be ordered by all the group.

※ Course starts from 17 o'clock.

※ The content may be slightly changed by purchase

The coupon usage will be the following fee.

· Female 2500 yen per person (excluding tax) · Male 3000 yen per person (excluding tax)

【Pizza】 Single item price 1580 yen ~

· Lots of ingredients mixed pizza · Italian basil pizza

· Teriyaki chicken mayonnaise pizza · seafood and asparagus Italiana pizza

· Lasagnan pizza of eggplant and tomato


【Pasta】 Single item price 1280 yen ~

· Carbon style cream pasta with bacon and spinach · Salted kelp peperoncino

· Japanese style pasta with bacon and mushrooms and casserole with pumpkin Bologna pasta

Seafood tomato sauce pasta


[Omelets] single item price 580 jpy ~

· Special omelette with white sauce · Omelet with simmered tomato sauce thoroughly

· Basil omelets


【Gratin】 Single item price 680 yen ~

· Bacon and potato gratin · Nas meat sauce gratin and many others

【Salad】 Single item price 580 yen ~

· Bacon Caesar salad · Seafood marinade Italian salad and many others

【A la carte】 single item price 480 yen ~

· Healthy sausages · Maple cheese crackers · Mixed nuts and many others

【Fried】 Single item price 480 yen ~

· Squidfish tartar sauce · French fries

· Onion Ring · Fried Chicken


【Dessert】 Single item price 480 yen ~

· Yuzu Sherbet · Vanilla Ice · Baked Cheesecake


Other Recommended Menu Limited Menu We are preparing

All-you-can-drink menu

·Soft drink
· Oolong tea · Orange juice · Grape juice · Cola · ginger · Calpis 450 yen each

2018/11/29 update